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just trying to figure out where we’re going wrong: body positivity is all over the place these days!

qualms of a student journalist: the “thrills” of college

The 2020s: Season 2!: Resolutions — yes or no?

A few thoughts on confidence: what is it called when you’re self conscious about your self consciousness?

MIZ COVID-Diaries: Mun Choi and Administration: let’s talk about college and covid!

may 2020: I’ve got a lot of privilege. Might as well use it.

freshman year: I learned…: a summary of my academic learnings from my first year of college. lol.

scheduling a sickness: oh, I gotta worry about this now?

Numbers are stupid!: What’s in a number?

Tiger Tales: Senior year of high school to Freshman year at Mizzou.

Aux-Phobia: Please send me your most secret playlists.

Hi: Welcome to fashionableenough!

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